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Merchant Accounts

If you’re looking to accept cards for the first time or are looking to make a switch from your current provider then you’ve come to the right place.

Selecting a merchant account can be especially tricky considering that there are thousands upon thousands of people trying to do what we do. BEWARE of any representative that engages your business. Many of them are inexperienced and incorrectly trained. If you find one you like, make them provide references of actual businesses they work with and contact those references.

There are two common types of processing plans:

Tiered Pricing

Tiered pricing includes 3 different rates depending on what type of card customer pays with and also depending on whether it was hand keyed or swiped. This is generally the more expensive option and easiest for payment processing companies to conceal their rates. We don’t recommend this.

Pass Through

This is our favorite pricing plan as it is the least expensive and easiest for business owners to keep track of. You’ll receive one rate above “Interchange” no matter what kind of card you accept or how you take the payment.

We guarantee low rates and can customize a plan that perfectly matches your business.

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Credit Card Processing has never come with less headaches... until now. Colorado Merchant simplifies credit card processing in ways most merchant account providers refuse.

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