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Equipment & Software

If you’re new or your business is undergoing a major transition, choosing the right method for taking transactions can be tricky. That’s what we’re here for. We will help guide you through your options if you’re unsure so you can feel comfortable knowing you’ve made the right decision. All of our options are PCI Compliant to help ensure your transactions remain safe.

Desktop Terminals:

These are your traditional and basic credit card machines that plug into a wall outlet and connect via phone line or Ethernet. When you run a customer card through these it prints out a receipt and stores the transaction in the machine until it is settled out. All of our terminals are PCI Compliant, EMV capable, and Apple Pay ready. SEE FREE Terminal Program We can even Reprogram EXISTING TERMINALS!

We offer a FREE TERMINAL PROGRAM!!! We disagree with leasing equipment. Equipment leases should be a last resort option if not completely avoided. The average equipment lease is NON CANCELLABLE and holds a 4-5 year term. You’ll end up spending $3,000 - $6,000 over the lease term and won’t even own the equipment after that. When you sign up with us, we will loan you out whatever solution (excluding POS Stations) you need for FREE. After 3 years with us, you will OWN whatever solution you have selected.

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Online Gateways and API's

You’ll need an online gateway to connect your website with a payment processor. You can also use an online gateway to accept payments on your computer instead of using a desktop terminal. Beware, some payment processors charge additional fees for taking transactions online. With us, you won’t suffer additional processing fees for running transactions through a gateway..

Mobile Payments

Since Smart phones have become the standard, businesses can now accept payments from smart phones and tablets. Some companies are trying to charge 2.75% of every transaction that you take. On average, our clients only pay 1.8%. Our apps is FREE to download and only takes 1 minute to configure. From there, you just plug in our swiper that fits in the headphone jack and start taking payments.

Credit Card Processing has never come with less headaches... until now. Colorado Merchant simplifies credit card processing in ways most merchant account providers refuse.

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